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Ten Most Beautiful Swedish Apartaments of 2010


We know how much you guys enjoy Scandinavian interior design, so we decided to put together another interesting countdown. Get ready for the best 10 Swedish apartments of 2010, as voted by our readers.

#10. Our first entry is a beautiful Scandinavian apartment featuring spacious rooms, tall windows and a remarkable interior design. A fancy gloss kitchen with integrated white drawers follows the modern living-room. From the kitchen you can reach the newly constructed balcony. Oak parquet flooring runs throughout the apartment, warming up the atmosphere.

#9. This beautiful three room apartment linked below is highly inspirational and treats light with a great deal of respect. Every room has large windows so that the need for artificial lighting is minimum. The living room has a youthful feel, while being very spacious and homey.

#8. We are charmed by the simple, yet charming interior design of this 85 square meter flat consisting of three rooms plus kitchen. The living room (first photo) is the heart of this beautiful crib. Light and airy with whitewashed walls, oak flooring and three windows for abundant natural light, this room seems perfect for familiar gatherings.

#7. Cheering up a dull interior design is extremely simple if a little color is added. This fresh apartment linked by the image below is a great source of inspiration for those of you in search for lively design ideas. As you can see, the crib is painted in white, but this did not stop the designers from improvising. The living room features a flashy red shelving system which adds a touch of refined eccentricity to the seriousness provided by the comfortable reading corner. A giant blue wallpaper complements the black and white carpet creating an uncommon atmosphere.

#6. Here is an apartment that inspires harmony and coziness.Painted in bright colors, the walls and furniture make a stunning contrast with small colorful elements, such as the pillows, the paintings, the flowers or the chandelier. The living room serves as the apartment’s heart and soul and it features charming nooks bathed in natural light from large windows.

#5. With a surface of 92 sq m, this charming loft has a total of 4 rooms, all with a contemporary and fresh feel. The living room is the focal point of the apartment and hosts a delightful sofa with comfortable pillows, two armchairs which can be used as reading corners, a practical coffee table and plenty of shelves for storage.

#4. Here is a charming 114 m2 attic home that spells “coyness” and impresses due to its overall harmony and peaceful atmosphere. The crib has no less than three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms (you can see more on the structure of this place by clicking the photo for the original post).

#3. Check out this incredible looking apartment which brings tribute to Swedish design. Step inside and feel welcomed by a large hallway with a lovely light and a beautiful view over the city rooftops. Hang your jacket on one of the stylish clothing supports and enter the delightful living room. Bright, airy and generous in size, with three windows facing west for plenty of natural light, this room is the core of the apartment and a perfect area for family gatherings. And we assure you the rest is just as appealing.

#2. This beautiful small apartment linked by the image below only has one room and an area of no more than 17 sq meters. What the interior designers did with this place is absolutely fabulous. This small studio is not only very practical, but also looks modern, inviting and original.

#1. Having a small apartment can be a drag when it comes to implementing the perfect interior design idea. Our number 1 is an example of a two-room apartment which is both aesthetic and functional. In order to achieve a high level of practicability, the designers of this crib took advantage of every single corner of the house and made it functional. Click on the photos for more inspirational details on this apartment and let us know what you think of our countdown.

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