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How to decorate your home in Shabby chic style


The Shabby Chic look is another way to keep the style going in the home, especially for those who embrace Romanticism. It is about giving Vintage elements a new lease of life.

A piece of furniture that is not only old but also in disrepair can be lovingly restored. This can be done by simply painting it white or giving it a fresh pastel- painted finishes. Some may go as far as restoring its natural wood textures. The easy-on-the-eyes piece of furniture goes together well with antique picture frames, enamel painted vases, sweet color bed covers and pillowcases. Enhance the Shabby Chic look with soft natural light shining through lace curtains.

Marry that with pastel painted walls in cream, light yellow, light green or light shades of pink. They are perfect match for furnishings and upholstery made of cotton or linen and a few of yesteryear. The essence of today’s Shabby Chic style is about breathing new life into vintage elements and giving it pride of place in the warm friendly interior.

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