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How to Choose the Best Range Hood for your Kitchen


Your kitchen stove or range is an integral part of your kitchen. Most likely if you’re an avid cook you use it several times a day and for the novice cook a few time a week. Regardless of the frequency, your range hood above your stove helps filter out smoke, grease, moisture and odor. The decision on how to choose one for your cooking lifestyle and the style of your kitchen could be a hard decision. Here are tips on how to choose the perfect range hood for your kitchen and for your family.

Assess the cooking lifestyle of your family: Depending on how often you cook can help you choose a range hood that fits your cooking lifestyle. For those who only cook a small meals a few times a week, a cabinet mounted hood may suit your lifestyle. While if you have grilling, frying, sauteing and boiling on the stove, a higher end professional range hood should be considered.

Determine how much space you have: If your stove is located in a kitchen island without cabinetry above, you will want a range hood with an exposed shaft. While if your range is located on a wall your range can have an exposed shaft, or it can be designed into an architectural feature. The amount of space that you have vertically and horizontally will dictate your options of hoods.

Decide where it will vent to: Range hoods can vent to the outside, or inside. The most advantageous venting option is to vent to the outside. This will help moisture, smoke, and grease get taken outside of your home. In other scenarios, venting to the outside many not be an option. Multi-story homes may not have the option to vent to the outside, and the inside vent will filter out odor and smell, but moisture can circulate back into your kitchen. In time this could affect your finishes.
Choose a décor style that fits your kitchen: Range hoods styles come in sleek and modern low profile models to elaborate architectural enclosures that are masked behind wall features. Take time and look through options that fit your kitchen and decorative tastes. Modern and contemporary kitchens may opt for minimum detailing, while an ornate and detailed kitchen may want the range hood to be a focal point. Look through home décor and kitchen magazines online to get inspiration.

Seek advice of a professional: If you have a comfortable knowledge of how to choose a range hood for your kitchen this will help in designing your kitchen. While if you have questions, or would like help in making a final decision, consider asking a professional. Your local home improvement store that sells kitchen appliances may be a great place to start. While if your kitchen is more elaborate, or you want a designer’s eye – consider hiring a kitchen designer who can take the reins and ask you for guidance in your preferences.

Like any appliance, a range hood should be thought through carefully. Worldwide appliance manufacturers make beautiful range hoods and your cooking and decorative lifestyle should guide your decision. Visit appliance showrooms that you can test the functions and speed of the fan. Test which ones are louder than others and which have whisper quiet operation. The rule of thumb – the louder it is, the more powerful it may be, or the cheaper it may be. Whichever is the case, try before you buy!


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