Home Idea Decorating in Mix and Match Modern, Classic, Loft styles, etc.

Classic Home Ideas From Central Kitchen & Bath


We found this original collection of kitchen interiors from Central Kitchen & Bath. Even though there is a large variety you can observe while admiring these arrangements, one common thing is noticeable. The furniture and atmosphere reminds one of a pre-modern era, without flashy furniture, LCD monitors or fancy lighting. The pendant lamps and chandeliers stand out due to their antique look, wooden furniture with sculpted patterns make you think twice about the year we’re in and a few decorating items seem to be perfectly blended in the overall thematic design and even increase its effects. All the chairs have an interesting metallic back and there seems to be plenty of storage space available in any of the cupboard units. For those o you who enjoy classic furniture, we hope we’ve given you a taste of how a kitchen can be transformed.


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