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Abstract Tiles from Fogazza – Color and Fun


With these new tile patterns from Fogazza you can really turn a regular walk to the kitchen into a fun experience. Various, fresh and exciting, these modern tiles spice up any dull room and turn in to a cheerful interior.

Pavimenti Fogazza is an Italian company, founded in 1905. With more than a hounded years of experience, it almost seems today that every new collection that Fogazza launches is more glamorous and more creative than the one before. We took a liking to their site and as we browsing through it, we found out that the company is “dedicated in researching aesthetically refined and technologically advanced solutions” and that they are “constantly looking for new solutions for designs and chromatic effects”. Perhaps it was this constant search for chromatic effects that lead to such great patterns or maybe experience had a lot to do with it, either way these tiles are good practical example for improving any home.

You can check out more of the company’s work and choose the right patterns for your own interior. There is also a contact form that you can use to place an order here. Whether you choose to embed these tiles into your bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom, with a little patience and sense of proportions, your apartment will completely change its look for the best.

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