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A Designer’s Imaginarium: How Does A Designer Home Look Like


It’s very funny how we usually wander with our minds, imagining all sorts of beautiful places: from spacious luxury homes with breezy patios, to NY lofts with a particular bohemian flair or small compact Scandinavian apartments with a sharp sense of style. We see everyday the work of some of the most brilliant minds, designers and architects, that create out of nothing impressive living spaces and yet, we rarely think about their homes and how do they look like. So here we are, “sneaking” inside the house of a designer, Susan Drover from SAM Design and exploring her “imaginarium”.


Her lovely home is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Simple, yet elegant, Susan Drover’s living space has something that makes you say: “Yes, this is definitely a warm place, where I can enjoy the little things in life. A real home”. The impeccable white is interrupted here and there with splashes of purple shades. The kitchen, the dining area and the living room are connected (the doors have been eliminated), offering a unique living experience, by having a lot of space to move. The fireplace and the raw wood deposit add a touch of warmth. So, what do you think?! Is it the way you expected it to be?

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